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How Donations Help

ISRR is a non-profit, 501(c )3, tax exempt corporation.

Your donations are tax deductible.


Though ISRR does receive Gifts In Kind (see tab above), ISRR is primarily supported by individual donations from those we serve and their families. If you find anything on this website helpful, please made a contribution to support ISRR. We are here for you today because others were generous in the past. We can be here in the future, if you too become a partner in this work.


We have been diligent about cutting costs, wherever possible, over the last couple years. The economy always is reflected in the dollar support for non-profits. Fortunately, ISRR has been able to adjust and survive. However, we don't want to cut services if at all possible. This takes commitment from those we serve, as well as those who so generously give their time and expertise.


Every dime that is donated to ISRR goes to maintaining the Registry. Sometimes we receive donations earmarked to cover specific services. Feel free to do that if something in particular is important to you.


What Does Your Donation Help Pay For?


The basics, of course, like with any organization, there is ever-increasing overhead for utilities, postage, etc. Here is a list:

  • Postage/Shipping -- primarily filling requests for forms, sending info to registrants regarding possible matches.
  • Telephones -- we maintain unlimited long distance and a virtual phone system which allows.
  • DSL -- because ISRR is so internet intensive and interactive, high speed service is required.
  • Website -- Annual hosting fees, programing & software fees, search engine, etc.
  • Research -- fees paid to sites and services utlized to locate registrants for whom we have a match, but whose contact information is out-of-date.
  • Software -- most of the software has been donated from Microsoft, Adobe, etc. (see Gifts In Kind), but occasionally we are unable to acquire what is needed without paying full or non-profit discounted prices.
  • Licensing Fees -- the ISRR Registry is digitized and indexed in KoVIS costing about $1,500 annually for licensing.
  • Supplies -- Paper, toner, pens, markers, paperclips, staplers, staples, white-out, highlighters,
  • Printing -- registration and update forms, contribution forms, various response materials, in-house logs, etc.
  • Maintenance -- of property and equipment.
  • Projects -- things like the "Imaging Project" which took over 5 years and turned 48 four-drawer, legal filing cabinets filled with about 200,000 registrations, into our current digitized Registry. or our recent "Website Redesign Project", where we undertake and alot funds to pay for a major task, project or program.
  • Utilities -- trash, water, electricity, gas to run heat, air conditioning, lights, computers, etc.
  • Insurance -- property insurance for the building in Carson City and covering the office in Las Vegas, costs over $1,600 a year; and there is also corporation required Directors and Officers Insurance, liability of about $800.
  • Legal, accounting & contract services -- basics required for IRS filings, property sale, & handling the business.
  • Equipment -- when things break or need to be upgraded like computers, copier, accessories, telephone, backup drives, scanners, lamps, etc.
  • Furniture -- most of the furniture at ISRR is either owned or donated by the Registrar, sometimes there are pieces needed like a replacement chair, rolling cart, or desk.
  • Misc. -- sometimes we have out-of-the-ordinary expenses like paying for gas when it was extraordinarily high, so the volunteers could keep making trips to the post office to pick up mail, coming to the office, checking on the building in Carson City, etc.

We also utilize Volunteer Match so click below to sign up there to volunteer for ISRR or other non-profits:


Volunteer Match Link



Donate to ISRR

Donating to ISRR

Individual contributions to ISRR are what has kept the registry strong and able to serve hundreds of thousands of families for over 35 years. We want to express our continued gratitude for your generosity and support. Below find ways to donate online or by mail.

ISRR is a non-profit, tax exempt corporation.
Your donations are tax deductible.

A number of organizations and companies help non-profits like ISRR by processing donations via their secure servers. We are grateful for their support. To make a contribution, click on any link below:



To Make a Secure Donation via PayPal:




To Make a Secure Donation via Network for Good:

Donate Now Via Network for Good



To print a contribution form to send by mail, see below:
Click here to download and launch the
ISRR Contribution Form

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to complete this form.

If you do not have the Acrobat Reader plug-in, you may download by clicking on the icon below.

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Wish List

ISRR's Wish List


Postage / Stamps --
Since ISRR responds to many thousands of registrants and requests each year, the postage costs are continual. Many have asked whether to send money or stamps and we just want you to know that both are valued. A roll of stamps goes a long way!


Mailings --
A mailing to all adoption agencies and state resources is scheduled to be done in 2012. It will contain current registration forms, web site information and details of how ISRR can serve the agency and their clients. It has been nearly 2 decades since this was last done for ISRR by a supportive non-profit. Estimated costs are $2,675.


Toner & Paper --

ISRR prints a great deal and is always in need of one kind of paper, and two types of toner for computer printing and photocopying:

  • Canon Cartridge 106 for ImageClass MF6590
  • HP LaserJet 53x for HP LaserJet P2015dn
  • Hammermill Paper - CopyPlus 8/12 x 11", 20 lb, Brightness 92

Sell the Building/Property in Carson City --

ISRR no longer needs this building to house the Registry. Back when there were 48 wall-to-wall 4-drawer, legal filing cabinets filled with decades of registration forms, this property was a necessity to preserve and protect all registrants and allow ISRR to perform services. Today, because of technology and the volunteers dedication for 5+ years to scan and index all those forms, ISRR no longer needs the space. Here is a link to the information on the property: CLICK HERE for ISRR Bldg Info


New Server --

In 2012, ISRR will need to upgrade the current server that 'houses' the entire Registry - both database and digitized forms. For privacy and safetly reasons, this server is never online or accessible from outside the office. The server is on 24-7, mirrors the information at all times and creates other safety backups regularly. HP has given us an estimate of the upgrade at $1,300.

We are blessed to already have received the new 25" HP monitor which will allow us to view 2 forms side-by-side (which is what we need to check for matches). And Microsoft Server 2008 software can be acquired as a donation when the server hardware is ready to set up.







Gifts In Kind

Gifts In Kind


Gifts In Kind is defined as: "Instead of giving money to buy needed goods and services,
the goods and services themselves are given."

ISRR has been blessed to have received many gifts over the decades, both small and large -- from postage stamps and reams of paper, to hard drives, computers and furniture. These have been received from corporations, other non-profits, and individuals alike. All of them matter a great deal and help us continue to be able to grow, and offer services. Below we've listed our ongoing needs, any special one-time needs (also see "Wish List" tab above), and some of what we've received in the past.


Ongoing Needs

Postage / Stamps --

Since ISRR responds to many thousands of registrants and requests each year, the postage costs are continual. Many have asked whether to send money or stamps and we just want you to know that both are valued. A roll of stamps goes a long way!


Toner & Paper --

ISRR prints a great deal and is always in need of one kind of paper, and two types of toner for computer printing and photocopying:

      • Canon Cartridge 106 for ImageClass MF6590
      • HP LaserJet 53x for HP LaserJet P2015dn
      • Hammermill Paper - CopyPlus 8/12 x 11", 20 lb, Brightness 92


Generous Gifts In Kind Already Received


Since 2003, Microsoft was generous in donating SQL Enterprise Edition, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Office Suites and other software. was of utmost assistance in helping us obtain software like Norton Corporate AntiVirus and Adobe's DreamWeaver at generous discounts. From 2006 through 2011, additional programs including Microsoft's Windows Server 2003, Office Suite 2003, 2007, 2010, Info Path, Sharepoint Design, Expression Web, Design, Blend & Encoder 3 & 4, Visual Studio Pro, SQL, and Visual FoxPro; Adobe's Design Bundle, Dreamweaver and Creative Suite 4 & 5; Crystal Xcelsius; Intuit's Quicken Premier, QuickBooks Non-Profit; Alpha 5; Ready Talk; Symantec's Internet Security & PC Anywhere; and others were donated through TechSoup.



In addition, ISRR has been able to acquire hardware such as Cisco's Flip Videos in 2011 via TechSoup's non-profit donation programs. Previously, desks, hard drives, computers and other equipment were donated by both companies and individuals, especially from ISRR registrants wanting to help.




Volunteers Give Time & Expertise


From the very beginning, ISRR has been able to offer services because of the generous giving of time and expertise from many individuals. Though the Board of Trustees and Advisors have always been spread across North America, the majority of volunteer time was given by those in Carson City, Nevada. Before the building was purchased in 1989, almost all the work was done by founder Emma May Vilardi and her husband Tony. They were joined over the next decade by dozens who helped daily, or weekly in the office. Today, ISRR functions via a Virtual Office and besides those who work in the main office in Las Vegas, there are many things that can be done from anywhere by anyone who has a phone, computer, internet access and dedication.


Volunteer Opportunities

For several years, ISRR's Match Specialist, Sally File, worked from her home in New Mexico and interacted via ISRR Virtual Office to get necessary forms, make match calls, etc. Because of technology, our phones can be answered from anywhere. Other services, like our new sosXchange, allows many to offer time and caring right from the comfort of home. Here are some opportunities:

  • Peer-to-Peer Assistance via sosXchange
    • Soft Shoulders -- offer your kindness and caring to others by listening, responding and sharing your own experiences in relation to theirs.
    • Search Buddy --offer your help to people in search, even if you aren't an expert, but simply wish to share the search experience with others who are searching in similar geographic areas, etc.
    • Peer Support -- offer your training and expertise to those needing emotional support through the more difficult aspects of search, reunion and after.
    • Peer Mentoring -- offer your acquired knowledge and expertise in guiding people through their individual search. This means only helping a few individuals at a time.
    • Monitoring -- offer your facebook (or other social network) experience to help monitor and respond to various aspects (postings, chats, etc.) of the Search Or Support eXchange.
  • Programming Expertise Needed
    • SQL for Registry Database
    • Alpha5 for Registry Database
    • Website design in Dreamweaver - MySQL
    • KoVIS
    • Signed Disclosure Agreement required.
  • Answering Phones --
    • Our virtual phone system can be programmed to schedule exact times, and days, for calls to ring to your home or cell number. There would be an announcement of who is calling and you would answer "Reunion Registry - this is Jane (your name), how can I help you today?"
    • Anything you wouldn't know how to answer, you can simply say you'll ask and get back to them.
    • Calling back can be done for free via our virtual phone system.
    • Volunteers are required to make a regular day/time commitment each week for a minimum of six months.
    • There are guidelines and criteria to be learned before starting, including: a familiarity with ISRR's website, knowledge of registration/update forms and registration instructions, reading and understanding ISRR's practices and policies, and signing the volunteer agreement.
    • There is a training period where calls are recorded and reviewed to help volunteers get comfortable.
  • Contacting Media --
    Over the years, many people we served have shared their stories with various magazines, newspapers, television and radio shows. We often get calls from reporters and shows requesting interviews. If you would like to be added to our in-house list please fill out that section of the 'Story Sharing Kit' or call the office and request a media release form. If you share your story in any way (including on YouTube, Facebook, or other social networks) we would love to receive copies, links, or be informed of air dates. Please feel free to give the ISRR website, telephone number and address, or Facebook Page (!/pages/Reunion-Registry/332186225108 ) to interested media representatives. So many reunions occur because the parties heard about another reunion through print, social networks or other media.



We also utilize Volunteer Match so click below to sign up there to volunteer for ISRR or other non-profits:


Volunteer Match Link




Estate Planning

Estate Planning


There are many ways to plan for givng to ISRR. Some people have put ISRR in their will, or living trust or named as a beneficiary in life insurance. How any individual plans for their family and any gifting is a very personal matter.



Referrals to Specialists in Estate Planning:

ISRR does not have an exclusive relationship with any of these listings. However, some of them may have associations with our Board of Trustees or affiliations with other non-profits. Please ask them. If you have your own estate planner and wish to have them communicate directly with our office, please have them call 888-886-4777 or write to ISRR, PO Box371179, Las Vegas, NV 89137

National Committee on Planned Giving

233 McCrea Street, Suite 400

Indianapolis, Indiana 46225

(317) 269-6274

fax: (317) 269-6276




Martin Brandfon, Esq.

620 Jefferson Avenue

Redwood City, California 94063

(650) 366-6789

fax: (650) 365-5386


Reg Day

Annual Registration Day


For fifteen years, "Registration Day" or Reg Day (prounounced Rej ) was sponsored by search and support organizations, and agencies throughout the United States. Many groups manned tables or booths outside major stores, inside bookstores, malls, and even at state fairs. ISRR provides the registration forms, the processing of registrations received and making the calls on resulting matches to expedite the reunions. Many reunions that have occurred directly because of Reg Day activities.

Reg Day

The organizing, manning of tables, and other aspects are entirely handled by independent resources. Those who gave their time to maintain the RegDay website, organize nationally and locally, and all the other details involved in facilitating events like this were such a gift to ISRR, and the many thousands who have reunited with their families from 1995 through 2010. They should be proud!


Assisting with Reg Day --

Dates for future RegDay's have not been determined. Contact your local group for information on how to participate. To volunteer or find out more information, visit the RegDay Website by clicking here.


Assisting with Virtual Registration Day --
There is an attempt to design and hold a virtual online Registration Day in conjunction with the brick and mortar ones held at book stores and other locations. If you have any expertise to offer, please call the office number listed above.