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What Does it Mean?

ISRR = International Soundex Reunion Registry, Inc. is a registry for persons seeking reunion with next-of-kin.

Rx = remedy, solution, prescription, cure for a disorder or problem.

eXchange = "Giving something and receiving something of the same kind in return." "To engage in reciprocal interaction."

ISRRxchange is based on Peers = "persons of equal standing, belonging to the same societal experience".



What is the ISRRxchange?


ISRRxchange was a pilot program facilitated by ISRR from March 2012 - April 2013. It was a social network somewhat like Facebook where members (ISRR Registrants and those who wished to help them without charge) could share and support each other. It turned out to be way more expensive and time intensive than anticipated. Members did not donate enough to sustain the costs, nor were there enough volunteers to moderate and handle the technical aspects. ISRR will evaluate if there is another way to provide a way for Registrants to support each other that is easier for everyone. Check back here periodically to see announcements.


In addition, those who gain expertise along the way can share their invaluable experiences. This is a journey that need not be done in isolation. In the 1970's and 80's, the adoption reform movement grew from only 2 organizations to over 550 search and support groups spread across the world. (See TRIADOPTION Archives). Few of those still exist, but online resources have allowed persons to connect via chat rooms, groups, social networks and websites. ISRRx is similar to facebook or other social media. It is meant to grow and change with the needs expressed by members.








Become an ISRRx Volunteer Offering Peer Assistance

Anyone can offer to help others on ISRRxchange (see the list below). All assistance is free and every member agrees not to solicit fees or charges of any kind. If you have any suggestions for ways to improve or expand, please call the office and let us know! ISRR wants this to grow and change with members needs.

  • Soft Shoulders -- offer your kindness and caring to others by listening, responding and sharing your own experiences in relation to theirs.
  • Search Buddy or Search Angel --offer your help to people in search, even if you aren't an expert, but simply wish to share the search experience with others who are searching in similar geographic areas, similar circumstances, etc.
  • Peer Support -- offer your training and expertise to those needing emotional support through the more difficult aspects of search, reunion and after.
  • Peer Mentoring -- offer your acquired knowledge and expertise in guiding people through their individual search. This means only helping a few individuals at a time.
  • Monitoring/Moderating -- offer your facebook (or other social network) experience to help monitor and respond to various aspects (postings, chats, etc.) of the ISRR eXchange.


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