Reunion Registry


Why Register at ISRR?

Why Register at ISRR?


ISRR is the oldest free mutual consent reunion registry, and the largest of its kind. Since it began in 1975, we always recommend that everyone seeking family cover ALL their bases and register anywhere that the party they seek may possibly be registered. It is difficult to know just what someone else may have heard about. So, it is best to do everything you can to let them know you are available for contact. Over the years we have seen, it has been so very important that there was information on file after a registrant passed away or became incapable of further seeking. Sometimes it is the only thing the other party has available to them.



Why Register at ISRR First?


Because if the person(s) you seek are already registered here, then you don't have to do anything else! Within days of your registration at ISRR being processed, you would get a phone call letting you know there was a match. This would mean you don't have to fill out additional paperwork, or spend money for fees charged by states, agencies, courts, companies or individuals.


If there isn't an immediate match, you can then pursue other avenues. And your registration at ISRR stays open and active forever -- unless you ask that it be removed, or you kindly let us know that you have been reunited by other means (much appreciated).



What Else?


It is important that everyone obtain all their 'non-identifying' information (see "Get More Info" in the SEARCH tab).


And at the very least, make sure you register with your state, province or country if they have their own reunion registry, or consent for contact filings. Online you can find many registries, but one that is very large and useful is . You can also google your state, country, province and "adoption records", "reunion registry" to see the many resources available.


Who Can Register at ISRR

Who Can Register at ISRR?

  1. Any adoptee, foster child or person separated from family who is eighteen years or older.
  2. Birth parents, birth siblings and other birth relatives.
  3. Adoptive parents, or legal guardians, of adoptees/ children who are still under the age of 18.
  4. Legal guardians/representatives of persons with disabilities.
  5. Genetic offspring of deceased adoptees or, if they are under 18, their legal parent or guardian.
  6. Foster parents, and foster family members.
  7. Family members of abducted, kidnapped or missing or children.
  8. Genetic relatives, surrogates, sperm and egg donors where the date and place of birth is known.

To Register at ISRR


MAIL TO: ISRR, P.O. BOX 371179, Las Vegas, NV 89137


INSTRUCTIONS: Please read this carefully before filling out form.


    1. After reading these instructions, you can click on the link at the bottom to download and launch the ISRR Registration Page. This might take time to download, your patience is appreciated.
    2. Fill out this form with all known facts. Be sure to acquire non-identifying information. If you do not yet have it, you can go ahead and register, but be sure to update when you acquire your non-id (See "Get More Info" in "SEARCH" above ).
    3. A minimum of the year of birth, country, and state or province are necessary for a registration to be entered in our computer.
    4. DO NOT abbreviate!
    5. Fill out a separate registration for each adoptee/child.
    6. Complete this form on-line, print it, then sign and mail it to the address shown above. OR print it, fill it out by hand with BLACK INK, sign and mail it to the address on the form. Unsigned registration forms are not accepted. At this time we do not accept faxed or emailed registration forms, because they are not clear when scanned into our system.
    7. If you want confirmation that your form has been received, you must include either include a donation (the treasurer will send confirmation with your donation receipt), or a self-addressed stamped envelope with your registration (the volunteers will then mail a confirmation slip back in that envelope when they process your form). See #C below.


Please do not send anything that requires signatures or volunteers to wait in line at the post office.

Due to Homeland Security requirements and half-hour plus pick-up times, it will not be received.


After Your Registration is Received at ISRR


    1. It takes approximately 7-10 working days to initially process each registration or update. If there is not an immediate match, your information stays open and active here until there is a match, or you notify ISRR that you have been reunited (which helps us enormously!), or you instruct ISRR on the appropriate form that you wish our registration removed.
    2. If you have included a donation, you will receive a receipt, confirmation your registration/update was received, and additional info about the country, state or province of birth registered by either mail or email.
    3. ISRR will notify you only when a "match" is made. As a small non-profit, staffed by volunteers located around the continent, it is not possible for them to check to see if you have an active registration on file. If you are unsure, please fill out a full form, check the 'update' box and submit as described in #7 above, so that you will have confirmation you are registered.

      *ISRR never requests you supply vital or personal info via email for safety and privacy reasons. If you ever question the validity of any mail, email, or phone call -- please call the office at 888-886-ISRR to clarify.


    5. Make sure to keep your address and phone number current so we can contact you in the event of a match. It is always disappointing to have a possible match we cannot complete because someone failed to update ISRR after they moved, changed phones or email accounts. Send in an update anytime you have information to add or change.


ISRR is not affiliated with any other organization, search specialist, state agency or registry. Any fees charged by them do not include a donation to ISRR. Our registration remains free because this Registry is supported almost entirely by contributions received directly from people like you. We appreciate your support.


For more information on ISRR policies and procedures please Click on "ABOUT" above, and choose "ISRR Policies".


ISRR does not share registrants personal data - address, phone, or email with any other organizations or companies.


Please be patient - depending on the speed of your service, it may take time for the form to load.


Click here to launch the


Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to complete this form.
If you do not have the Acrobat Reader plug-in, you may download by clicking on the icon below.


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Why Update Your ISRR Registration?

Why Update Your Registration at ISRR?


It is imperative that all registrants keep their address, phone, and email contact information current at ISRR, so we can reach you in the event of a match. It is also important to update whenever you acquire additional data that help ISRR determine if there is a match with another registrant. Unfortunately, ISRR spends more time and money trying to track down registrants for whom we have a MATCH, but whose contact info is out-of-date, than any other single expenditure. This delays the reunion unnecesarily and leaves the most recent registrant in limbo.


Keeping your data current and accurate at ISRR (and anywhere else you register) helps expedite reunions and frees the volunteers to giving better service. It is greatly appreciated!!!



Change Your Address, Phone or Email

or Update Other Information

MAIL TO: ISRR P.O. Box 371179, Las Vegas, NV 89137


INSTRUCTIONS: Please Read this carefully before filling out.

If you are adding or changing more than basic contact information, you can fill out a complete registration form instead, only be sure to check the UPDATE box in the top right section of the form


  1. Click on the link below to download and launch the ISRR Update and Address Change Page. This may take a couple of minutes to download, your patience is appreciated.
  2. Fill out all parts of this form with all known facts.
  3. Always include the child/adoptee's date of birth, country, and state or province of birth on updates.
  4. DO NOT abbreviate!
  5. Fill out a separate update for each child/adoptee or previous separate registration you have on file at ISRR.
  6. Complete this form on-line, print it, then sign and mail it to the address shown above. OR print it, fill it out using BLACK INK, sign and mail it to the address shown above. Or you can fax updates to 888-886-4777. Signatures are required.
  7. To receive a confirmation that this update has been received you can either make a contribution (the treasurer will either email or mail you a receipt which will serve as confirmation your update was received) or enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope WITH the update (the volunteers will mail back to you a confirmation the update was received). Otherwise, ISRR will notify you only when a "match" is made or if requesting an update.


Please do not send mail that requires a signature or for our volunteers to wait in line at the post office. Unfortunately, because of the post office Homeland Security requirements for pickup and now 30+ minutes wait, it would not be received.



Please be patient - depending on the speed of your service, it may take time for the form to load.


Click here to launch ISRRs

Update/Change Form


Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to complete this form.
If you do not have the Acrobat Reader plug-in, you may download by clicking on the icon below.

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What Happens After Your Registration Arrives at ISRR?

What Happens When your Form is Received at ISRR?


When your registration or update form is received at ISRR, it usually takes 7-10 working days to be processed and checked against all other registrations for a possible match, except during holidays/vacations.


Here is the process:

    1. Volunteers open, date and code the top portion all incoming forms.
    2. Registrations are then sorted into order by adoptee/child's:
      1. Section I (adoptee, child/foster child, adoptive family) & Section II (birth family)
      2. Country, state/province.
      3. And then date of birth.
    3. Updates are sorted separately in the same way.
    4. All registrations and updates are then checked against the Registry database to determine if there was a previous ID number assigned to this registrant.
    5. They are then coded and numbered accordingly, or given a new ID #.

      Sample of Coded Form


    7. Then prepped for scanning by placing a Patch sheet in between each registrant's submission.
    8. All are scanned, cleaned up if necessary, and then imported into the ISRR Registry.
    9. All are then 'indexed', which means all pertinent data is entered from the form into the ISRR database.
    10. Then each new registration and update is run for a MATCH.

      Lookup Possible Matches


    12. If there are possible matches showing up on our 'hit list', each form is looked at to determine if there is relationship.
      1. 100% Matches are then pulled (printed), so the parties can be called.
      2. Possible Matches are also pulled, so the parties can be contacted.
        1. One or both parties are contacted by phone, email or mail and told what information is needed in order for ISRR to determine if there is a match. ISRR tries to provide to them how to get what they need.
        2. If the contact information is out-of-date, we try to get a current address or phone.
        3. When one or both parties submit the requested additional data, a determination of relationship is made and if it is a match, all parties are put in touch.


    Compare Two Registrations for a Match


    1. The ISRR Registrar or Contact Specialists do the MATCH calls promptly when there is a match.
    2. If there is not a match, or possible match, at that time -- the registration/update remains open and active. It is then checked for matches again each week, when the next batch of new registrations and updates are processed.


ISRR will contact registrants only when there is a match. Because ISRR is such a volunteer based, small non-profit organization, there is no ability to reply to registrants to let them know their registration was received or is still active. All registrations from 1975 to the present remain open and active unless there has been a match, the registrant has let us know they were reunited by other means or has requested removal. Anyone making a donation with their registration, or update, will automatically get confirmation it was received along with their contribution receipt.


Notify ISRR if you are Reunited.



Please notify ISRR when you have been reunited. It helps us a great deal to have only those still seeking family as active registrations. Then we don't have to review anything each week as we check for matches, except those that are real possibilities. This will save so much time and effort for our volunteers and Registrar. It takes only a few minutes to let us know and matters more than you can imagine. You may use the form below.


How Do I Notify ISRR I've Been Reunited?


Please notify ISRR when you have been reunited by any means. We are always excited when people complete their quest. There are several ways you can let us know.


      1. Print the Update form linked below, fill out, sign and send via fax or mail.
      2. Be sure to fill in each category so that we can locate your original registration(s).
      3. If you are asking us to deactivate more than one registration, please submit separate requests for each.





If you are reunited with some family, and still wish to remain registered because you seek other reunions, you will need to fill out an "Update" form, and let us know in the comments/remarks with whom you've been reunited and who you are still seeking. Please do not use the online notification form below if you wish your registration to remain active.


How Will I Know ISRR has Received My Reunited Notice?


If you make a donation at the time you submit, fax or mail your notice -- the volunteers or treasurer will send you a confirmation along with your contribution receipt. Or you can include a self-addressed, stamped envelope when sending your 'Reunited Notification' by mail and the volunteers will send a confirmation of receipt back to you in that envelope.